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    Nasty Accident this weekend on the Mississippi

    Happened right before a buddy and I met to go riding. They ended up shutting down the ramp for about an hour. I wish I would have gotten a couple pics of the ski, but it's pretty much totaled.. It *was* a pretty nice looking Honda, but not anymore!

    From what a couple guys were saying, they were riding in a group of 4, when the "victim" made an unexpected turn while riding in "formation", which put him right in the line of fire of the guy riding next to him. Injuries to his leg were pretty severe, it was shattered in 4 or 5 places where the nose of the other Honda hit it. Nobody knew if alcohol was involved, but I don't think so.

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    Glad they are both OK. This is why I try to ride during the week now. Too many wildeyed weekend warriors ripping it up on the weekends.

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    That's sucks but at least they are ok.

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    Ouch! At least it wasn't any worse. Glad to hear they'll be ok.

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