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    Need some carb help please

    So i just overhauled my carbs but I had a few quick questions before reassembling the unit.

    When I was cleaning them, I accidentally wound up splitting them up. They have an like a throttle joining screw set for the choke and throttle rods... When I reassembled I unscrewed these:

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    Not realizing that these screws were probably factory set, I evened them all out, but was wondering where the butterflies were supposed to sit. Currently it's a bit hard to see, but I have all three butterfly plates "just" under the hole pictured here for each cylinder... in other words they all match.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had to do the same thing (matched all three plates up) for the choke plates too, but I figure these merely have to close all the way... right?

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    Oh yeah... it's a '95 SL650

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    You're going to have to re-sync the carbs.

    Turn the idle stop screw in until you're JUST able to slip a small drill bit (back side, not the business end) between the throttle plate and carb body.

    Turn the adjuster screws in or out accordingly to get the other 2 carbs to the exact same opening height. (just able to slip the drill bit between those throttle plates as well)

    Unscrew the throttle stop and make sure all 3 plates are closed. Then turn the throttle drum and make sure all 3 plates open exactly the same amount.

    Once this is done, you're all set. just make sure to reset your in water idle speed before you go out riding. (1250-1300 RPM)

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    make sure you use a drill bit that doesn't not have any damage on the shank. You dont want to nick anything in the carb throat and it will sync them more accurately. I think I used a 1/16" drill bit

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