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    Help with 04 fx cruiser h/o

    My buddy has an 04 fx cruiser h/ has started cavitating pretty bad.....there's nothing in the pump...the only thing that I noticed is that part of the felt seal between the "duct intake" as it's labeled on the parts explosion and the ride plate is missing......will that cause the cavitation?....I'm not familiar with yami's at seems there's no wear ring.....just a impeller housing.....where else do i need to look so i can get him back on the water?

    thanks Damon

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    Hey guys first post, been a lurker and wanted to bring up this old post after searching through the forums in order to find a fix for my cavitating fx cruiser.
    Has just had a new prop installed ect so it cant be prop cavitating ad im thinking its this problem that Dyoung has posted as my intake grate was just siliconed in with no felt packing.
    Any help would be gladly appreciated
    Thanks Jake

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    Help with 04 fx cruiser h/o

    Sounds to me like you impeller housing has gone bad. They sell them for around 300 dollars at riva. There is a wear ring in the housing. Its made of stainless, they sell the rings alone for like 290 and the full assembled housings for another 30 bucks. Way way easier to just get the assembled housing.

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    Thanks for the reply, the jetski will basically lag. Slowly move and ll the sudden pick up great speed really wierd i will look into the housing but hopefully its just the felt packing

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    I had same problem posted on here and reply was prop so replaced it still same so I put silicon where the felt packing goes and sorted my problem

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