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Thread: Sl 750 Reeds?

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    Sl 750 Reeds?

    I pulled the reed cages out of my ski and found some with chips missing and most of them not seating. (The ski seem to have very little bottom end and it is a little laggy, obviously the issue) So I am looking to get a new set here by the weekend, where can I get a set locally or somewhere that will ship fast? I saw summit has the Boyeson 016 reeds for $110 and they usually ship quickly.

    What reeds will be the best for a mostly stock ski?

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    I also see there are Boyeson 013 016 pro28 and pro29 reeds what are the differences?

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    I had the pro series on my 650 and it made a noticeable difference.

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    Dennis Kirk ships fast.

    Boyesen power reeds around $80 are fiberglass

    Pro series around $120 are carbon fiber

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    Thanks guys I order the power reeds from Kirk and It was $10 cheaper then summit plus I will get it before the weekend

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