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    Talking 2002 Polaris Freedom Engin Light flashing and will not crank

    I launched my 2002 POlaris today, tookon some small rocks, removed them by taking off the impeller, reinstalled and it started right up. However, after about 2 mins of running the LED light started flashing "engine overheat"?.. and when I shut the PWC off, it will not restart or crank it is dead. Where do I start without possible causing further damage?

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    It may be to hot to restart, go through cooling system, check for sand in the line, flush outbackwards from the line on your exhaust manifold, first see if you can blow through it, if not it is clogged.

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    +1 Flush it out by hooking it up to a garden hose on the water rail.

    1. Attach garden hose to the water rail using a flush adapter.
    2. Start engine and immediately (within 10 seconds) open water tap.
    4. Rev the engine intermittently for one minute to completely flush cooling system.
    5. Turn off water tap.
    6. When all water has exited the cooling system, turn off the watercraft engine. NOTE: This step should nottake longer than 10 seconds.

    Key thing is to start the engine BEFORE turning the water on and shutting off the water BEFORE turning the engine off. Otherwise, you will flood the engine with water.

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