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    Camping Trip (SHO Cruiser, FX140, 91 Superjet, 93 Wave blaster)

    recently did another camping trip on the river this time we had the old school skis out on the water. The wives drove the two cruisers with all the gear packed on them, I rode the waveblaster, and my boss rode his superjet.

    Ok the blaster is heavily modified and running right in the area of 140hp. I rescued it from my bosses back yard it went under water in hurricane katrina, sat full of salt water for 2 weeks then got flushed out and fogged really well, there it remained partially covered by a tarp for 6 years lying on the ground. So i threw it in the back of the Xterra and took it home and got it cleaned and running again.

    The Superjet is also heavily modified and somewhere in the 150hp range and i can vouch for the fact that the thing runs 60 mph.

    But i got some pics of a few things and am gonna post them up

    there they sit almost ready to go and yes that is a single trailer under the blaster and superjet

    All of that minus the gas can was on the FX140 cruiser every last piece of the firewood was in the front compartment.

    The kid that is sitting on the back of the blaster is my bosses step son, my boss gave me the waveblaster, i am too fat to ride it and have fun on it so after it get it all cleaned up and in 100% running condition i am just gonna give it to my bosses Son. He had more fun on it than anyone.

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    give him that blaster and he may start calling ya uncle, take a pic of the smile and post up for us to see, where ya camp at ?

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    ha ha ha everyone calls me "Uncle Josh" Like the fishing lure lol its down south, location is Pascagoula Mississippi. We camp at one of the little inland islands called Chemise. we are trying to figure out how to get the blaster and super jet out in the ocean south of the barrier islands and camp out there. See out there on the south side of the island there is actually surf. Our Barrier islands do a lovely job of Blocking all the wave action along the nice beach so we have to ride out 18 miles just to get something bigger than 1 foot that is a 36 mile round trip plus camping gear and fuel. the blaster might make it out there and back but no playing i know the superjet wont make it. i am thinking of finding a old party barge kinda cheap and modify it to haul the blaster and superjet kinda like a landing craft

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    ha ! funny you would mention the party barge landing craft, ive been thinking the same thing, got my eye on one that looks good from the road but no one at home when i am over there, thinking it may have a blown motor as weeds are high around it.

    good talking with ya thou, i ride the jordan mostly but have been venturing out in other areas, took a ride this weekend over in al @ mobile/alabama river and gravine island, had a blast running just ahead of a rain storm, when the water cools going over to the shores, maybe.

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    Looks like y'all had a great time.

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