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    550 sx 750 swap questions

    Guys few questions here... I just picked up a Mint 93 550 that has been in storage indoors since yep thats right 93! Previous owner locked her up solid (no premix just straight gas). Well my question is after looking around here a lot I have decided to do a swap. And really want to go 750 vs 650. Question is What 750 do I go with, Will any kawi 750 motor work? have a line up on a few early 90's complete pwc's with all the electronics still in the hulls. I know I need the adaptor plate which i can get and a coupler as well, just not sue what coupler is needed to mate up to my 93 ski? also I understand I need to use a 650 pipe that is as small as possible. Is there a certain brand or pipe that will work best? Do I need to change intake or exhaust manifolds? any Help would be great. Im trying to gather up the parts I need and want to do this right the first time. Guess a good place to start is am I better to go big pin or small pin?


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    750 big pin but x-h2o is a bigger forum for standup's BTW
    LMK if i can help

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    Also pwctoday may help they have a vintage ski section with alot of old school people that post there and can help ya

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    any 750 will work. You will need a 550 coupler thats tapped for 20mm thread. I just sold my last one over on pwct, but check over there. any 650 pipe will work, I used a coffmans on my last swap, but some even use a stock sx or x2 pipe. the issue with the 750s is getting them to hook up with the tiny 550 pumps. if yours is a 93 then its got the better sx pump in it, but the 750 will still overpower the pump.

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