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Thread: 96 GTX plumbing

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    96 GTX plumbing

    Picked up a couple of skis that had the engines partially dissassembled and in boxes. I am in the process of putting the first back together but have a hose in it I cannot figure out where it goes. It is a clear plastic hose that was just laying in the hull under the engine. It was not connected to anything and runs up to the front of the hull to a vent fitting in the right side of the hull right next to the fuel tank vent. I have gone through the service manual but cannot find a reference to this hose. Does anyone have an idea of what this was suppose to connect to?

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    This is your battery vent hose. Use to all battery's were flooded batteries and they hooked them to the little nipple on top of the battery and run it out of the hull so the battery could vent to outside of hull.

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    Thanks much, that makes sense and why it looked like it had been laying in oil for a long time.

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