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    Question Polaris 800 di and polaris 1200 di running issues

    I have two polaris I am having fits with thought maybe somebody could give me fresh ideas like they did last time I had problems.

    Ski #1 polaris 1200 DI
    I am getting no error messages it just runs like crap like it is missing does get 22volt when cranking but when runs it does get 44 volts at injectors. with no errors on screen or with digital wrench. I have tried different EMM with no luck.

    Ski #2 polaris 800 DI
    good spark runs good but you have to hold start button down to get it to run, as soon as you release start button it dies. Works everytime. I have another LR503 here plugged it in but still does same thing. Any suggestions?

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    Maybe try swapping out the TPS on the 800 DI.

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    For ski #1 the 1200 DI, does it have the correct spark plugs installed? NGK PZFR6H? Good fuel pressure? Should have at least 20 PSI at min. What is your max RPM on that ski? Could be the TPS but without more details of what exactly its doing its hard to tell.

    For ski #2 Is the second LR you have a known good module? Try bypassing the module all together and see what you get to be sure. As for the TPS, unplug it, but it shouldnt be the cause if it will run with the start button held down.

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    Your 800I is doing the same thing that mine did. I found out it was the battery, when I replaced the battery with a new one, all worked great. Remember you must have 10.6V at the battery while cranking at a minimum.

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