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    1996 Polaris 780slt: Bogs Down / Now limited power

    Hey to the forum. I have a '96 Polaris 780slt. It was running fine andthensuddenly it started bogging down on acceleration. I took it to a technician and his immediate response was carburetor problems. He took the ski and cleaned the jets and then called and said it was day to go. We picked it up and started in the tank. It ran very smoothly and started great.

    We took it to a nearby lake for a little fun. Once we launched it.... It had no power. It idled very smoothly, but it not have any acceleration. We took it back to the shop and they told us it was good as it was going to get. I asked him to check the compression and they were all right at 150 psi.

    The tech said he would try and make some additional adjustments, but now he is saying the ski is shot. Any ideas, or thoughts of what might be going on? Btw the plugs are new this year.


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    You've checked each piston? Pulled the head on the cylinder? Run this test.

    No credit to me for this video.

    It sounds to me that your running lean.

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    I've not checked the pistons themselves. Ijust had the tech check the compression on a gauge. I hate to tear into cylinders myself. Are you thinking a burnt piston?

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    make sure your filter is not plugged and check for water in the fuel filter

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    I do not have a manual. Where is the fuel filter located?

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    You should have a plastic see through filter, follow the fuel lines

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    Beside the carburetors, that is where the fuel filter is located. Anyways yes I do believe you have a burnt piston, because of running lean.

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    Feel your cylinders and see if all 3 are warm to touch. If one isn't, it's not firing on that cyl.

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    If my compression is consistent across (150 psi), could it still be a burnt piston?

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