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    How to test hurricane regulator?

    I have a 96 hurricane and need to know how to test the regulator. I only have around 13 volts with engine running. The stator readings are perfect and has the update kit. I can not find the info in any of th service manuals.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Are you talking about the voltage regulator ?
    Are you having trouble with the battery ?

    Basically the reg keeps from over charging the battery. You test it with a volt meter as you did.

    Basically-you need more than 1 volt over batt votage to charge it. 12.6 batt volts is ideal. 13.5-15 while running.
    At 13 volt you are in a grey area,if the battery is weak, if 12 v after sitting,than it's drawing down the charging system=only 13 while running.

    If you have 13 v running,I'm thinking your charging system is working-just not enough.Test the battery.

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