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    Newbie searching answer 4 SL780

    Usually I'm working on boats, but however I got a soft spot of a girl that bought this ski.

    It will start up and idle, (flame arrestor off) but when I give it some throttle gas shoots back up out of the PTO cyclinder. I'm not use to working on large 2 strokes, but familuar with small engines in chainsaws and such. I'm guessing that the reed valves for that cylinder is open, cracked, and or broken. Am I on the right track of thinking? Thanks....just call me SS

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    Yes reeds could be the issue. A complete cleaning of the carbs and a good reed inspection is in order.

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    I had the same problem on my ski. I suspect one or more of the reed valve petals are broken in the PTO cylinder. The PTO cylinder also provides the vacuum pulse for the fuel pump, so be careful or you burn a hole in a piston due to a lean condition. You need to remove the carbs to inspect the reed valves.

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    Thanks a lot. Have spending a few nights reading up on this rascal. The girl that bought it had a few friends do some work on it trying to get it right. After they worked on it, it wouldn't run at all. Brought it to me and got the spark back, fuels lines changed and hooked up correctly to the pump. Wiring was all wrong in the control box. Still have not yet to completely find out why the MFD isn't working. Thinking it had something to do with the 25 amp fuse I found in the spot that was clearly marked 1/4 amp. It is probably fried. Thanks again......SS

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