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    97 760 wave venture WATER IN EXHAUST

    this is going to end up looking real stupid on my part, but here it is anyway...

    this is my first pwc. ive built chevys and fords, but not familiar with the basics about this machine yet. So in trying to trace down a water leak that was filling my hull quickly on the maiden voyage after a rebuild, i shut er down quickly once i realized it and took it back to the shop. the big amount of water was somehow bogging down the motor. thats not the problem, after draining the hull, i got my throttle back. whew!! so to the issue

    In tracing down the leak (which ended up being an improper setting on the torque wrench when torquing the ex. manifold) i only needed to tighten up the manifold where the water was coming out. I was able to trace down the leak originally by pressing a hose to the water opening just off the left side front. well, like an idiot, after retorquing the manifold and retesting it with the hose, i realized it may have got some water in the exhaust.

    OK, STUPID IDIOT ME!!!!! Lets move past that now.... thanx

    does the bottom of the crank have a way of releasing any water taken in? A breather hole? a drain? a water line that evacuates and circulates? any input on this would be very appreciated. I figure there must be something in the case of a roll over or flooding of the engine compartment. the motor is running fine after airing out the topend and refiring. The hose wasnt on for long, but i think some MIGHT have came in the back door.


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    Most of the time if you get water in your 2 stroke engine you would remove the plugs and spin the engine with the starter until the water stops coming out and if you got it soaking the inside of the cylinders with WD40 and spinning it again with plugs out then install the plugs and fire it up.
    As far as flipping your ski upside down in the water and rolling it back over in the water there is usually a sticker on the back of the ski that shows the direction to roll the ski back over.

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    If you do have water in the case I've been told to hurry up and ride the snot out of your ski for about half an hour. That will evaporate any water. I've had to do that twice with my GP1300R and it still runs great.

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    thanx for the replies. after reading them, it hit me. with new rings and such, any water that entered the exaust ports would most likely not let much of it past the rings. maybe a few drops over a small period of time. I did pull the plugs and do what you said, ran it for a sec. so im probably ok. sweet.

    got it cleaned up, fueled up, and goin camping to Priest Lake Idaho (greek to anyone not from around here) Lookin foreward to the breakin. I used to build hot rods... nothin like wrenchin on a machine and takin it out for the first time.

    thanx again

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