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    98 gp 1200 rideplate

    Hey guys, I picked a 98 gp 1200 a few months back and it has a riva ride plate on it . I used the search and found a lot of good info on this ski. My question is without posting a pic can anyone tell me how to identify what riva plate i have? The plate is 11" long and has two tapered grooves in the bottom. I know they make a plate called a groovy ,just hoping thats not what i have.

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    Sounds like the Riva Limited plate maybe. The Groovy is definitely shorter than that and has like 3 or 4 grooves in it, I think??

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    Yes, You are correct. I found some old riva forums .The groovy is shorter and has three channels in the bottom. I dont know how many plates riva made for this ski but i am glad it is not the groovy.

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