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    2009 STX not starting - can anyone help with possible things to check


    Maybe someone has seen this before: 2009 STX with about 28 hours on it. Was running perfect then started to idle high for a month or so (high being 3500-4000RPM). Other than that it ran perfect at high speed, no hesitation.

    Then, suddenly wont start at all. I though maybe at first it was the smart steering that idles up the engine for slow turns.

    Any ideas?


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    When you say won't start, are you meaning it won't turn over at all or only spins and will not actually start?

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    It turns over no problem, just wont fire. It doesn't even try, just spins.


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    Do you have any spark? You could pull a spark plug wire off and place a screw driver in it, then bring the shank of the screw driver close to metal. If you crank it you should see the arc of the spark.

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    Check the single fuse beside the ecu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 454spyder View Post
    It turns over no problem, just wont fire. It doesn't even try, just spins.
    Need to know more detail to help you.

    When doesn't it start more likely, such as when engine is cold before riding or warm/hot like after some riding?

    Does it happen only when ski is sitting on water or when sitting on trailer or both on water and land?

    Is this an intermittent problem meaning that you were able to finally fire up at the end when this problem happens, or you were never able to fire up and the ski is still down?

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    when you hit the starter and let off does the ski make a clicking noise?


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    Thanks for the replies.

    I was able to get the ski to start today, but it promptly goes to 4000+ rpm (on trailer-but did this in water too). Hard to start as if it is flooding.

    I checked and the throttle is fully closing against the idle screw on the throttle body.

    Smart steering: I unplugged the smart steering and restarted ski: Still goes to 4000+RPM

    SEAN: Yes I hear a distinctive clicking sound for a few seconds after shutting off the engine.

    Maybe an IAC problem?

    Any ideas?


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    Quote Originally Posted by 454spyder View Post
    Maybe an IAC problem?
    That will be my first try.

    While you are riding fast and suddenly let off the throttle completely, does the engine ever stall or have difficulty in maintaining smooth idle?
    If yes, the IAC is the culprit.

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    Other than the super hi idle and difficult start situation, the ski runs perfect out on the water. Full throttle hits 62ish MPH. Let off and back to high idle.

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