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    Virage security system question.

    Ive got this 02 virage and am wondering how to program the theft lock. I bought it with no manual so don't know how to set a code an font want to start punching buttons til I know what I'm doing. Any help?

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    Briefly pressing and releasing the LOCK button will cause the lock status to be displayed, either LOCKED or UNLOCKED. Pressing and holding the LOCK button for several seconds initiates the SECURITY LOCK function. The MFI will display ENTERCODE----. Enter the code using the 5-button keypad. The factory set default code is 1234. An asterisk (*) will appear with each press of a numeric button. If the proper code has been entered, the display will show the new lock status. If previously LOCKED, the security lock will switch to UNLOCKED, and the vehicle may be started normally. If previously UNLOCKED, the security lock will switch to LOCKED and the vehicle will not start. If starting the engine is attempted while the security lock is set to LOCKED, the warning LED will flash, the engine will not start, and the MFI will indicate LOCKED, followed by ENTER CODE----. If an improper code is entered, the MFI will display INVALID CODE, and exit code entry mode. CODE SET MODE: The factory set default security code is 1234, however, the code may be changed to any 4 digit number. To select your own code, enter CODE SET mode by pressing and continuing to hold the LOCK button for several seconds until CHANGE CODE is displayed (the display will first show the lock status, followed by ENTER CODE----, and finally CHANGE CODE). The MFI will then display OLD CODE----. Enter the code as if locking or unlocking the vehicle. If the correct code is entered, the display will then show NEW CODE----. Select any 4-digit code. The display will then read CONFIRM CODE----. Enter the same code to confirm your selection. CODE CONFIRMED will display for several seconds if the second entry of the new code matches the first. If the second code entered does not match the first, INVALID CODE will be displayed and the CODE SET MODE is cancelled.

    You can 'reset' the MFI security code (to the factory default code of 1234) as follows;
    - While display is sleeping, unplug oil sender and short the two wires going back to the MFI.
    - Unplug the fuel sender, and short the pink wire to ground (black wire) feeding back to the MFI.
    - Press Display button to wake up display
    - Enter default security code 1234

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