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    New GP1300R owner

    Hello everyone,

    I found this site while I was researching different ski's while in the process of locating one that I wanted. After looking at countless craigslist adds and anywhere else I could think of to find a good deal on a ski, including this site, I stumbled across another member saying he had a friend that had a 2006 GP1300R with 20 hours on it. Sent him a PM, and low and behold he was local! A few days later, I went to check out the ski in person, which turned out was a bank repo... other than a few scuffs here and there on the nose, from what looks like it being trailered with the cover on, the paint fading right under the gas filler and the foot well mats being a bit rough, the ski started right up and sounded great!

    While this is the first ski I've owned, I've been riding my buddies for a long time! First ski was a 97 GP1200, then most recently, a 2006 STX-15F. After getting several tanks of fuel through the GPR, both myself and my buddy were lets just say, less than impressed with the bottom end performance of the GP, most of which is probably from the fact that we've been riding his 15F for several years now, and haven't been on a 2 stroke ski in probably 11 years. My buddy describes it as being lethargic up until 35-40 mph, when it feels like you put the spurs to it, and then it tries to yank itself out from under you! After countless hours of banging my head on my keyboard trying to figure out if that was normal for these ski's, I finally caved and put a call into WFO, to which he recommended doing the D-plate, PPK, Intake grate and a jetworks kit. Once I get the funding together for those parts, I will be putting my order in, but in the meantime, I wanted to see what others might say as to if that is the normal bone stock performance of the 1300R's, or if I really do have an issue with the ski.


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    Welcome to the hulk and congrats on your new purchase

    WFO knows what he's talking about and I would do at least what he recommended for mods. It's probably cavitation which is known for these skis.

    Start reading up on here and you will find out what I'm talking about, loads of info on here.

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    Aye, I know its getting some cavitation at least when I do a really tight turn/spin, I can hear it, but not when I punch it out of the hole.

    The mods WFO told me were already on my list of to-do's over the winter, among others I had thought about, but after speaking to him I'm going to get them sooner!

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