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    2011 VX deluxe or cruiser

    New to Yamaha's possibly getting one of the above as a second ski for 16yr old.

    Thoughts? Main differences? The reboarding step, is it only on the cruiser? And how useful is it? Never used one.

    Also may get a 2008 (new) FX HO for myself.

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    52 ish mph, sounds fast enough to me for a 16 year old, but the kid may beg to differ after he/she has ridden a VX for a while..........especially if he/she has friends on faster skis. My 16 year old daughter says my 60+ mph FX HO is boring, and my 22 year old scares the hell out of me on it. The VX is a good reliable fuel efficient ski (you definitely want fuel efficiency the way a teen rides these things..........WOT). The ride is bouncy and wet (perfect for a teen), but you will definitely like the FX HO ride better. The kid won't notice the missing reboarding step (save some dollars and get the Deluxe for them) on the other hand, will thank God you have one every time you use it.

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