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    1998 XL1200 Service Manual

    I got screwed over by buying a ski and not taking it for a test ride first. When I took it out, it would hardly run so I put it back on the trailer. When I got home and tore into it, all the bolts that hold the cylinders down to the crankcase were loose!

    I'm planning to tear it down and see what I'm working with, but was wondering if anyone had a pdf copy of the service manual they wouldn't mind sending me. I searched, but all the links I found seemed to be broken.


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    Did u ask the person u bought it from if any thing was done to the motor? Since the engine is the way it is, take the head off and look at the cylinder wall to see the condition of the cylinder wall if it look good retorque the cylinder and head and then do a compression test to see if it holding compression and what your compression are, ideally 105 to 120 psi or more is good being 105 minimun, compression should be plus or minius 10 percert from cylinder to cylinder... my buddy has the same motor and his cylinder bolt came loose before, we just retorque it and its been running good ever since.... this is just from my experenice....

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    He said that the #3 cylinder lost the oil injection hose, so that cylinder was rebuilt. He also had the carburetors sent off to be rebuilt during this time as well. It was also converted to pre-mix during this time as well.

    Supposedly, it has been run about 5 hours since then. He said it hesitated a little bit while it was ran, so the carbs probably just needed to be adjusted.

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