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    Looking for a trailer to carry 14ft jet boat and GPR

    I have seen these trailers before but cant think of their looking for a trailer that will carry by Regal jet boat and then carry my GPR over top of it...does anybody know the name of these trailers or what company makes them?....or have one for sale?

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    I've seen R&D use one in a youtube video. Maybe contact Shadow Trailers to get something custom.

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    Bear trailers in southern California.

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    If you're interested in a project that could save you a fortune over the cost of a new one, a guy I work with has a double stack steel trailer for sale that will carry 4 skis (2 on top) that you could probably mod to work for your boat and ski. He was asking $1500 with a new set of tires (tandem axle). It's a typical boat trailer conversion and this one uses an electric winch to raise and lower the upper deck. He just sent me an email on Thursday telling me he needed to get serious about selling it and was asking which forums to join to advertise it.

    Of course I told him about Greenhulk Anyway, if you're interested, I can get you a pic. He'll probably list it in the classifieds soon too.


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