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Thread: Bullards Bar

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    Bullards Bar

    Has anyone been to Bullards Bar in N. Cali? How is it?

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    How far from where?

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    Its about 2hrs N/NE of sacramento.

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    Bullards=best water on the planet. nuff said.

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    This time of year, it's very cold. It's a nice lake-but a bit small. Rode it once on a stand-up years ago. Wasn't really anything special. Try Englebright, also called the "narrows"-much more fun, still cold, but lots of coves and rock formations to check out. And, Camp Far West is OK-it's small also, and can get really shallow in spots, but it's close to towns.
    Also, it depends on where you live. Bullards is very smooth-like glass. But, you will get a lot of fishermen in boats up there, and they hate PWC's.

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