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    Help for ultra 150 upgrade please

    Hi guys ,new to site and need some help ASAP please
    I've got a 03 ultra 150 with 97 hours with r&d ride plate and intake grate and prop , now I've got the chance of Ada 42 cc racing head and a set of carbs that's been modified buy ski worx with 42cc heads would I need to do anything to the engine or will these parts fit straight on with out any problems .
    I've heard about pump shimming but would I be able to do it myself
    ,at the moment I've got the engine out and carbs off cause of a fault on one of the carb ,
    Am also wanting to do other mods like triple pisser and was wondering if anybody had one for sale or do youse have any other stuff for sale ,
    I live in the uk
    Any info would be greatly appreciated .

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    I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction with the engine mods. Theres a lot of stuff out there that will destroy your engine if not used correctly. If you can get in touch with Harry at GroupK via phone or email, I'm sure he can help.
    As for the pump, shimming is easy. Just remove shims until the impeller scrubs then put one shim back. Also, you might ba able to turn the impeller housing 180 degrees and the fit might be better.

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    Should go right on but I would do them together. The raised compression does need more fuel. Check out the mods thread in my sig.

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