I have a 96 GTX we were out riding a couple of weeks ago and after stopping could not start the Seadoo. All that happened is that the gauges came on when I pressed start. I donít know if this could have anything to do with it but the reverse lever was partially engaged, before it would not start, so that the ski would only do about 24 miles an hour Ė I am not sure if that could have caused anything to happen? My friend was riding it at the time and said he did not know that was the problem but was checking all the gauges and it did not heat up or anything during that time.
I did the self-diagnostic test many times as the beeper only seems to work sporadically. When I could hear it I kept getting the two quick beeps. According to the manual that means it is either the key or what it plugs into is the issue. I took it into the local dealership to have the key reprogrammed or get a new one and they say the key is not the problem. They are telling me when they hook up the computer to the Seadoo it is not communication with the computer. I suggested that then it would be the piece that the key plugs into. They seem to be leaning toward the computer but I have had very bad luck with this dealer is the past and really donít trust them. Has anyone had anything similar happen, what was the cause? The dealership is not going to dig any deeper till at east Friday as they have several machines before mine. Do you think the beeper only working sporadically has anything to do with it not starting? When the beeper does not work I still hear vary faint clicks so in my mind that is a different issue and just means replacing the beeper?
Any help would be great - Thanks