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    98 stx 750 no spark

    I recently bought a 98 STX 750 knowing it needed engine work. When I first bought I tried to start it. It cranked slow so I took the plugs out. It had spark then. I Ended up pulling motor as it started to seize up. Well now I have rebuilt it and it cranks great. I have no spark. I believe, prior to pulling the motor, when troubleshooting it, at one point I didn't have spark any more.

    Could the extra draw on the electrical system have fried some wires? Stater looked good when I had it apart. Not sure what to check from here and where. When I pulled the motor, I did disconnect the two plugs inside the gray box that go to the stater. Could there be something wrong there?

    Any advice is welcome... thanx.

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    Virtually all the electrical problems I've seen on these things is due to dirty/corroded connectors. The original plug-in connectors don't seal out water very well. Pull all connectors apart and clean them.

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