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    Checking the oil

    I have checked the oil per the Seadoo owners manual and it says to let it run 30 seconds and then wait 30 seconds. I have read that they say that the perfect amount of oil in the ski is when the oil is in the middle the bends. After checking the oil after the 30 seconds the oil level was a little above the middle mark.

    Then I have read on the forum that you should let the ski run for 2 minutes and then wait around 30 seconds and this way the oil read low on the dipstick at the bottom of the first bend on the dipstick. So I am wanting to know what exactly is the correct way to check the oil as these to ways gives you two different readings and so now I am not sure what is the correct way since one way shows that I need to add some since low and the other looks like I need to take some out because it is over.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am lost.

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    You just mainly need to get the engine and the oil warm. It is usually 2-3 minutes but no more than 5 should do it. Wait 30-60 seconds and you should be good. A little above the middle of bend is ok. It's a little high but not a big deal so long as it isn't to the top of the bends.....

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