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    Top end rebuild help

    I am new to jet skis and have a 1200xl 99' PV motor that had #3 over heat due to lose of oil supply. Top end is torn down and #3 cylinder looks good except there is high metal from hot piston(Aluminum).

    Is there a method for removing high metal/honing?

    Can this be done without pulling the crank case? Can a new pistons be replaced and cylinder droped over top. Any tricks?

    Anyone know where to get a manual on the cheap?

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    The powervalve experts hang out in the 2 stroke section. This section is mostly for 99 and older non power valve skis. Maybe a mod can move this over there for you.

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    If it was a pretty minor failure you can leave case in, key is to make sure you have no metal bits/shavings down in case. Had same thing happen on my '01 GP1200R. Removed bad cylinder only, replaced piston, set re-worked cylinder (by Millenium Technologies Affix oil lines with good stainless clamps or go to premix.
    You're always taking a risk that there is some loose debris down in the case whenever you have a failure. You just have to decide if you're comfortable taking that chance.

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    Thanks...I did move to the 2 stroke forum.

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    How much did it cost to get the re-worked cylinder by MT... Looks expensive

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