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    Need your folks opinion 96 GTI or 99 GSX limited??

    I am pondering buying a jetski and since i have been a loyal ski doo snowmobile rider for some time im looking at the sea doos. I am looking at 2 machines right now and would love some input on them. First is a 1996 GTI with 350 hours, guy said its prof maintained every year by the dealer and comes with trailer for 1100.00 and i am also looking at a 1999 GSX limited with 99 hours and the guy wants 1800 with no trailer. What is the reliability on these two machines?? i dont want to buy something im going to have to sink a ton of money in. Thanks for your help.

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    A lot depends on what kind of riding you do.

    If you want to cruise longer distances, ride two up comfortably and have the ability to legally tow a tube etc then go for the 96 GTI. If it has been maintained properly the 720 is very reliable.

    If you want to hot dog around, go fast and like playing in waves and wakes get the 99 GSXL. The GS hull is not a comfortable two seater and will beat you up when the water gets rough. If it has been maintained properly the 951 should be reliable.

    I had a 97 GSI ( same hull as the GSXL ) and it was a fun machine until you had to cruise in the rough stuff or ride two up.
    I have a 98 GTXL ( same engine as the GSXL ) and I have not had any problems in the four years that I have owned it.

    Good Luck

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    Wich factor do you want?..

    GTI - comfort
    GSX - cool

    It's kinda like do u want the sedan or the coupe?.. the mini van or the convertible.?..

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    well gsx limited for me....

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