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    Yamaha Vx110-motors and parts, FXHO motors and parts 100's

    I have 100's of parts in stock, if your intested please call me 912 541 0647 Miller, Im super busy and dont always have time to check replys thanks you..

    Jetski parts and engines

    1-2010 Yamaha vx110 longblock engine running, low hours, super clean engine $2100

    1-2006-2009 Seadoo 4tec motor, running with electrics $3000

    2-2009 VX110 motors, running longblock engines $1950 each, super clean, low hours
    $2800ea with electrics

    2-FX160 HO motor, complete longblock with full electrics drop I'n an go $3800 runs great good compression!!!

    7- speedo gauges/cluster 2 have low hours 50-60 hrs, $200ea

    2- wiring harnesses $400 each
    1-2010 wiring harness $450

    1- 2006-09 ECU $350
    1-2010 Vx ECU $450

    3-VX Voltage regulators/celenoid $50ea

    2-3 Vx110 Stators- charging system $250 each

    3-vx110 TPS mikuni throttle
    bodies $350 $900new

    6-VX/FX fuel pumps $130 each

    3-VX Fuel Rails $75ea
    $200ea with 4 good injectors

    5-Yamaha VX110 ride plates, $70ea

    3-Yamaha VX110 jet pumps with props, vein sec, and steering nozzles $250 each

    1-2010 Vx jetpump $350

    25-VX/FX spark plug coils/caps $50ea retail $112

    7-8 VX exhaust resonators $35

    4-5 VX110 intake grates $50ea

    3-4 VX110 steering Columns $75ea

    2- VX110 hoods with complete cowling $150 each

    4-Yamaha vx110 seats $150ea

    Plus three box's of random parts

    All four stroke parts total nearly $15,000 will sell all the 4 stroke parts for one low price $3,000 take em' all this does not include engines

    Yamaha FX parts package deal!
    -several new jet pump vien sec
    -brand new decal kits
    -3 or 4 seats
    -several front cowlings some brand new
    -decal kits new
    -blown fx160 motor, hole in cases
    Intakes, exhausts, lots of brand new parts still in the boxes
    Stators, starters too much stuff to list take all The FX parts for $3,000

    Link to photo's

    Sincerely Mike Miller
    (912) 541 0647
    [email protected]

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    What color are the seats? Oh it may not even work but I want to replace the seat on an 09 vx cruiser with a vx sport seat.

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