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    Top end rebuild yamaha 1200xl PV

    I am new to jet skis and have a 1200xl 99' PV motor that had #3 over heat due to lose of oil supply. Top end is torn down and #3 cylinder looks good except there is high metal from hot piston(Aluminum).

    Is there a method for removing high metal/honing?

    Can this be done without pulling the crank case? Can a new pistons be replaced and cylinder droped over top. Any tricks?

    Anyone know where to get a manual on the cheap?

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    Since you have the head off already you can take power valve connectors off remove the exhaust manifold bolts on that cylinder and loosen the others then remove the 4 cylinder bolts and slide it off. you will also need to remove the pipe if you havent already. when you remove the piston dont lose thrust washers in the cases. sometimes the wrist pin wont slide out easily you can put a long bolt through the wrist pin and use a big deep well socket and nut to press the pin out.

    when you get the cylinder off dont use a hone to remove the aluminum out you could remove some of the nikisil wile your honing. depending on how much aluminum is in there you can try to scrape it out then use a small piece of sand paper to get the rest. you can use acid it will eat the aluminum before the nikisil you just gut to keep it on the aluminum your removing and not the rest of the cylinder.

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    +1 acid

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    Great I have done all of the above but had already tried the hone. I just did about 10 strokes to redo the cross hatch. I can't imagine I got thru the coating.

    What kid of acid HCL?? And where do you get it ...?

    I also took off the other 2 cylinders in my investigation. Should I put new compression rings on them before going back up?

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    muradic acid-pool acid, how many hours on the motor

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    Muratic acid and old sock will melt it out. Be careful to not get this acid on any gaskets surfaces.

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    Thanks for the info I will give it a go. I need to look on the hrs since it is my nephew's.

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