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    Smile Gps speedo

    Has anyone tried implementing a marine gps speedo to the oem dash ?
    The oem speedo is junk but there is no point in not using the oem display.
    There are gps speedometers designed for exactly such applications (replacing the oem speedo on a boat ) .

    Here is what I`ve found googling around :

    What rpm( and thus frequency since the manual states two pulses per complete rotation) of the speedo wheel is linked to what speed (apparent speed not real speed as we have seen ) ?

    The international standard is pulses per km (PPK for short).
    The site I linked even lists a module that has an adjustable ppk .

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    I'm a newb, but was out riding today and thinking I need to do the exact same thing. I'm a car guy and I'm also going to be using a marine-type GPS with a RacePack in a car soon, which is what got me thinking about it even more. I'll try to dig around with this when I get home from vacation. The only thing that will suck is not having top speed recorded like with my handheld GPS...

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    good idea

    All you would need to know what is what sort of signal stock speed sender outputs. If its x amount of pulses per mile/km then it would be very easy because these marine gps sensors from your link output in pulses per km or mile so it would be matter of calibration.

    If stock speedo takes something else than pulses then the impulses are not gonna match so you would need some sort of converter box that takes one signal (pulses per mile) and outputs other (whatever jetski takes)

    Too bad I suck at electronics

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