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    Please Help

    Hello All,

    I have a 2001 Genesis 1200, that is having a bit of an issue. A week ago I had the Polaris out and the low battery warning came on, and after 10 minutes of idling, it died. After I re charged the battery I tried to install it and was literally shocked as the engine tried to turn over without the lanyard in place, and still tried to run after I hit the starter kill. I would assume that the Computer is going back to the settings it was at when it lost all power. Any help or ideas would be great. It seems like I'm the only person that wants the engine to not start up when a new battery is put in!

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    Welcome to the Hulk. Is this a genesis I fuel injected ski? Also just for clarification:

    When you hook up the battery it started cranking over on its own?
    The engine actually started running (not just cranking over)?
    When you say "literally shocked" you dont mean electrically shocked correct?

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    Thanks for the welcome, and the help.
    I spent most of last night trying to figure out which Genesis I have, and I'm still not sure.
    I do know I have the red domestic engine, and I believe it may be FI, because I do not remeber the spark plugs sticking out of the top like my seadoo, so I would imagine they are tucked over the cylinders. If it helps at all, the fuel filter or pump(not sure) has four lines coming out of the top, and on the right hand side there is a black electrical box with a factory reset switch. I will get a better look this weekend when I'm up at the lake, I'm just trying to getting it running safe, as my friends will no doubt want to beat on them this weekend.
    I'm certain it was at the very least cranking over, I don't think the engine was actually running, as playing with the throttle did not change the sound/speed.
    I hooked up the positive side 1st, and when I tried to hook up the ground I got an electric shock, the battery terminal or ground wire sparked, and there was a slight bit of smoke. The second and third time I tried it I did not get a shock, so my guess is my finger grazed the termainal as I was trying to keep the rubber boot out of the way. The second time I tried it with the lanyard in place, I pulled the lanyard and hit the stop/start button, and it continued to turn over until I removed the ground cable from the terminal. Before the last attempt I hit and held the Electrical Reset button, but still had the same results. Each time it sounds just like it did when it was in the water with the low battery warning on, like the engine is cranking/running but the throttle is not responsive at all. Any help at all would be great, Ive spent the last few days searching this forum and others and I can not seem to find anyone else with this problem.

    Thanks again,

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    Im not an expert but i am trying to see your exact problem but i think i had the same problem with my Genesis when i tried started it but it would not start and i let off the start button but it kept on starting until the battery terminal was taken off then it stopped trying to start itself.
    I replaced the starter soenoid which i heard they always go out on these machines. Hope this helped.

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    Could also be the start stop LR module. It tells the starter solenoid to close if I remember correctly. You can bypass it via the instructions found here Also, the reason you are getting a big start when you hook up the battery is because the circuit is allready closed and it draws a lot of current when the engine start to crank over.

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