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    Blown gp 1200r engine

    I just blew a hole through the bottom end of my engine today. Any ideas what I should do. Rebuild or buy a SBT engine, or find one in classifieds. Anyone have one?

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    What do you have more of; time, or money?

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    theres a guy on longisland in newyork his name is mike and gives a 2 year gaurentee just like sbt but without the shit engine like sbt, he also installs waveeater clips you can tell him brian from nyc sent you but his prices are prity firm, ive personally gotten 3 engines from him and im going back tuesday with another

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    I have more time than money. I just ripped the engine apart and the #3 cylinder bottom edge snapped off and destroyed the bottom end and #3 piston.

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    fix it yourself save some $ and you wont have to worry about sbt junk

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    Where is be the best place to buy the parts? I don't have a huge wallet so be easy on me. It looks like I need the crank case and crank, #3 jug and mind as well change a 3 pistons.

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    Look here in the classifieds.
    With what you have listed you're going to spend at least $1500.
    If you're going to keep the ski for a while and/or mod it, fix what you have.
    If you plan on upgrading to a newer ski or keeping the motor stock think about swapping for a rebuilt motor.
    Plenty of experience here to help you either way.

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    I am going to keep the ski. I had a Riva high compression head and a stinger exhaust already installed. I don't know which route I should go.

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    give me a pm. I might have you a engine

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