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    1999 seadoo gtx rfi, runs for couple minutes, and dies

    just bought this ski, is my first, overhauled top end, 82.075 pistons, runs for couple minutes, shuts off, runs couple minutes, shuts off, put on lanyard, beeps twice sometimes, sometimes never beeps, charges fine, 13.5 - 13.7 dc volts, read about member maczillas problem, mac, if your out there, mine is same color also - lol

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    well, put in today, have replaced lanyard and programmed, also crank sensor, shut off today, same, runs like a champ for about 1/4 mile, shuts off, then same again, if u search maczillas problem, (99 gtx dieing issue) is his topic, he says that stator fixed his --- does it make sense to you guys ????
    brought it home and flushed it, (it will idle forever by the way) it never went above 13.6 voltsthis problem happens when cruising around 35 - 40 mph, im not running it hard cause new overhaul
    thanks if u can suggest something, ill probably take frt of motor down this week sometime

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    no info ???

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    It does sound electrical because of the high voltage. I think the service manual calls for max charging of 13.25 volts, but I can't be positive. Test the stator before you take off the cover by measuring the ohms between each of the 3 connectors. They all should zero out. If not you do have a bad stator. The other thing I would do is start it in the driveway on the hose and see what kind of voltage you have while its idling. If it goes from 4 -10 then back to 12 then to 2, then you have yourself a bad rectifier. Those rfi's need voltage.

    Let me know how this progresses.


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