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    Quality Fuel Line?

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a good quality fuel line? Iv e heard the Automotive fuel line argument, urethanes seem to get hard . Some recommend the motion pro tygon? Cost is not the issue, or appearance. I just want a good line for my customers . so I dont have to keep replacing it every year! Thanks

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    just replace fuel lines every 2 years.

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    I use Motion Pro it's good stuff. Easy to work with.

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    i used gates automotive line, no issues, but I agree, lines should be replaced every 2-3 years its cheap insurance

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    AutoZone sells Goodyear fuel injection line in various diameters for a reasonable price per foot. It's the generally 250psi rated, perfect insurance for high pressure applications. It looks like the pic below, generally it's black with a blue bladder. I use it on my turbo bikes and have yet to have any problems.

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