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    2005 rxt won't come out of reverse.

    My rxt goes into reverse just fine but when I push the handle back in it does not take it back out of reverse. I have to manually flip it back. I don't see anything wrong in the back but figured someone has delt with this issue. I am guessing something inside the black housing is not gripping the rod when I push the handle in but have not tried to take that apart yet. I was hoping it may be the spring has lost tension but it doesn't feel like it. Thanks!

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    check the connections of the cable at both ends

    Get someone to move the handle while watching the cable and see if it moves in and out at the back.

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    It moves out jut fine but won't pull it back in. I have to pull the bucket up manually.

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    check the plastic lock nut.....they tend to break and can potentially let water into the hull. Another BRP plastic POS part!!

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    i have an o5 rxt as well.....this same thing just happened to me and i can tell you exactly what it is....If you look inside your hull where the handle is at look at the cable. At the end of it there's a 90 degree hook sort of. That part of the cable broke off.

    Look at number 20. and you'll see what i mean.

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    Thanks,I will check it tomorrow. Did you have to replace number 20 or did you fix it on your own?

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    #20 is actually the boot...#18 is what you need which is the reverse cable. they're 120 bux new i think. Someone had one here the other day i think for 85.

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    pm sent. I have a good reverse and steering cable from a 2005 RXT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8 is enough View Post
    pm sent. I have a good reverse and steering cable from a 2005 RXT.
    I will check it tomorrow to confirm that it is what I need. My steering cable is tight as well. I am not sure I can replace these by myself though. Anyone have someone in ocean city,md they recommend?

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