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    Gas jumps to $6/Gallon in Southern Ontario Canada!

    Yes $6 a gallon and thats US bucks!!!

    They claim it's because of the hurricane, but the hurricane has not hit yet!!

    Gready bastards!!!

    Time to open a can of whop ass!!!

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    I heard that some of that cost is because they are shutting down refineries now and they cant come back on until the middle of next week. They can't just turn them back on with the flick of a button.

    The 2 nuclear power plants are shutting down also.

    Plus they are gready, you are right. Exxon has been making the largest profits ever. I am not sure but it was like 3 or 4 billion last quarter.

    Yet they dont build more refineries. Why? There hasn't been one built here for 30 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack

    Yet they dont build more refineries. Why? There hasn't been one built here for 30 years.
    One word for ya: Greenies

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    Its because they are putting all that in there dam pockets them bastards! You know politicans will never feel the effect we do because we pay for there gas also in taxes.

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    Don't forget the fact that Big Oil has a TON of lobbyists in DC. You don't think the politicians aren't getting their share do you.

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