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    2007 ULTRA LX wont start when warm

    I recently purchased a 2007 Ultra LX, it ran perfectly when I test ran it, but now that I have gone on longer trips I found that when you turn it off hot and leave it off for 5 to 10 minutes it will not start until it cools down for a few hours.

    It also stalls sometimes when letting off the throttle suddenly, but otherwise runs strong and smooth.

    If anyone has any ideas please share.


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    I did pull off the idle speed control motor and it does move in and out and reset itself when the ski is turned on and off

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    I took it to a highly reccommended local guy who wants to change the idle air controller for $215 plus a gasket and 2 hours labor at $70 per hour.

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    I had a similar experience with my 08 15F (same engine), and that fixed mine.

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    Did you have the hot start problem also?

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    yes.............. I had almost the same problems. After riding for a while, when I stopped, it would not restart or was VERY difficult to restart untill it cooled down.

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    Mine does the same thing, i dont know if its vapor lock or what? but sometimes before you try to start it when its hot, loosen the gas cap and let the pressure out, that seems to help sometimes

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    Thanks guys, I am going to get the cables and software and see what I can figure out from there, I will keep you all updated.

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    No cables and software yet, but some further examination reveals that the cam position sensor tests a little out of spec when hot, it has 515 ohms, and the spec is 400 to 460 ohms. I dont know if this enough to cause the problem, it certainly does not throw a code.

    Also, when hot the first and last cylinder get no spark, while the middle 2 still spark fine, but the motor will not fire up on just 2, the coils and wires test fine, and I swapped them around to double check, but still no spark in the first and last cylinder.

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    Voltage regulator or stator is prob bad.

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