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    02 RX DI Fuel Issues-Last minute help needed, going on vacation on Saturday

    02 RX DI with 65 hours. Bought as a project ski. Ski would start up, but ran terrible and had low compression in one cylinder. Pulled engine, found a tear in one intake boot, scoring on one cylinder, sent off cylinders to Full Bore, cleaned everything up, got it back together and it won't start. I have good compression, good spark, but no fuel. If I pour some premix into the cylinder it fires right up. As I mentioned, the ski ran, but terrible when I bought it, now nothing. The MAINT light is not on, I get the standard tow beeps when I plug in the lanyard, otherwise no other beeping. Fuel pump primes when I attach the DESS, it has fresh fuel. If I remove the DI unit from the head with the fuel injectors still attached to the head, it releases a small stream of fuel. When i reattach, nothing.

    Leaving on Saturday for a week at the lake, please help!!!!

    Thank You!!

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    Sorry I don't have a clue the di motors are a nightmare to figure out. This is the same motor take a look the last post sound like the pump maybe.

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    Here are a couple of lengthy thread on the RXDI fuel pumps , well worth reading

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