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    Finger throttle for 2 stroke

    So just picked up one of the cast finger throttles made by western power sports, along with the seadoo adapter. It doesn't throw the cable as far as the stock one. (even with the cable adjusted taught and the grip removed). It does not open the butterflies fully. I know this subject has come up in old threads but i was wondering if anyone knows of someone making a finger throttle that works? (maybe even with grips!)
    I'm kinda surprised because these guys have been making these for awhile, claim they are made for seadoos (which had the same throttle lever forever) and they don't have the proper throw! And like i said, i had the grip out of the way and the cable was tight, almost advancing my idle, and it still couldn't open far enough. Luckily I didn't start cutting away at my old one to make it fit yet, so for now the thumb is back on.

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    Just out of curiosity, could I change out the throttle cable reciever/wheel/disc/cam thing down on the carbs? basically if that disk was smaller diameter, you could spin the butterflies further with less cable. I'm asking because it sounds like theres a few companies making finger throttles that can't seem to figure out how to pull enough cable.

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    have you tried umi's?

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    I put a wps one on my gsx, had to trim the grip a little on the end. It opened the butterfly fully, but it had to be set just right.

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