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    Is this enough for jetski to run?

    Hello fellow jetski folks

    I have a 650sx kawasaki that is in great condition. I measured today 10 bar (150PSI) on each cylinder. I have used it 30 hours this summer.
    But my jetski wont start now...
    I bought the manual and it told me that my spark plugs should make a blue spark, but my spark is more like white or yellow. Though it has allways been like this, also when it could run.
    So with yellow/white sparks and 150 psi, shouldnt my jetski run? I have tried to add gas right into the carburator or into the spark plug holes.

    What can cause it to not run? I use B8ES spark plugs, and it allways worked.
    Also I disconnected the safety switch, so I am sure that it aint the problem. (the cable from CDI that needs ground to turn off the ski).

    Can the ignition coil be broken and make these bad sparks? So that I just need to change that? I do NOT believe the problem is the CDI. I have tested the spark plugs several times today for sparks, and in 5 minutes, I couldnt get sparks at all.... but then it worked again!

    I am confused, cause I cannot figure out what my next move is.

    Thanks in advance

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    now it wont spark at all :/ hmmmm

    I have not my multimeter right here, so cant measure now. I want to measure the wires coming out from the stator, connected to the exiter coil. I read the resistance should be 255-380 ohm. Has anyone done this before? And aknowledge that the readings are similar to the manual book?

    Now that it wont spark anymore, what is this a normal sign of? Bad exiter coil? Can I break my exiter coil if the engine is overheated? Since that is maybe what happened and caused this. Since I had a broken turn off switch and it ran for abit too long without cooling (dumbass ski xD).

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    ok so now I looked for the cables on stator. The manual says a black/yellow and a purple wire leading to the stator plate, mine has none of these colours, it has two yelllow, one blue, one green and one red :/ Does anyone know which ones lead to the exiter coil?

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