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    Angry 1990 sp seadoo How to test CDI, Magneto stator coils & Ignition coils on Fuji engines

    hay boys and girls.
    new to the thread.
    i have 2- 1990 sp seadoos.
    one is working fine after upgrading to square carb from round.
    second one has no spark.
    i have replaced the flywheel (it was rusted inside and 4 broken teeth.
    cleaned magnito

    ive tested the 3 conection wire out of the magnito and i have current.
    i checked the 2 wire connector comeing out of the ignition modual and i have no current going to coil???
    i changed it out with a known good IM from the other 90 sp that is running and still no current and no spark.
    i checked all connections and fuses good. this sea doo has a 2 post solenoid and the 2 wire male / female connector on bottom where as the other 90 sp that is running has a 4 post solenoid???

    switched out the rev limiter with the one that was on the other 90sp.
    still no spark. and no current comeing out of Ignition modual and well it workes in the other doo. ??
    checked the oms on the stop switch and there reading correct in the open and closed positions.
    took of fly wheel again today and dont really want to take apart magnito unless i have to.
    checked neg grounding to starter seams like makeing good connection.

    where can i get the spects on testing the cdi. shit if i have to ill buy a Cdi tester but cant find one.

    so im stumped sitting in beautifull malibu 1/8 mile from the ocean and my girl looking at me like WELLLLLL?
    any ideas thanks.
    Frankie Ray

    so im just confused

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    Anyone please

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