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    Msx- what wouldyou do?....advice?

    Here is my dilemma; 8 years ago, I bought 2 brand new 2003 Polaris MSX 140's- one red and one blue. What a beatiful pair! As many of you know, they won PWC of the Year awards, etc. Honestly, they were- and I think still are the best, most sleek, modern looking PWC's ever made. They look like rocket ships on the water and I still get compliments!
    Anyway, they were perfectly maintained their whole life and only ever ridden in fresh water. Wiped them down after every ride, covered when outside in summer, heated garage in winter. They have been trouble free, and are, for all intents and purposes immaculate condition. One has 95, and the other has 105 hours. All good, except when the red one made a clanging engine noise as I was loading it up last year at the end of the season. Long story short, I decided- due to the perfect condition- to spend ~$3k+ and put a new engine in it over the winter so it would have a one year warranty. They are now running perfect again. I can dig them hard into a corner and they bite sweet. Ride great with awesome pulling power.
    My question is; My dealer- who I bought the boats from- and still will work on them- says I should dump them ASAP while they are running! Blue Book says I will only get ~$6K for them if I sell them. Then, spend ~ $22 to 24k on two new Kawa or Yammy's with trailer. Just not sure that makes sense. Realistically, how many hours were these motors typically built for? I know they are not supported by the factory anymore- but neither is my 1968 GTO! No dealer here in PA will let you test drive new ones. How do I know they will perform way better, ride stable and handle flawlessly through rough choppy water- they way my lake gets every weekend? Obviously, I still love 'em....but what would you guys do????

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    Run them. If they break, fix them. Seriously if they suit your needs why would you go $16K in the hole just because someone told you they won't last? If they start mickle and riming you and become unreliable then it's time to think about changing. Until then just ride and enjoy those skis.


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    Polaris has never mentioned "life expectancy".
    Other sources have mentioned 300 hours for a refresh.

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    Run them. Yours are newer. You are talking to guys that are still running mid 90's models I hope to pick up some msx's one day.

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    the yam's and kaw's turn 7100 rpm at wot,the polaris turn 6700.that 400 rpm will wear out any 2 stroke quicker.i say keep them and become best friends with k447.

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    I would keep them also. Any ski can have problems but preventive maintenance is the to keeping them going. True, some of the Polaris components are prone to failure but in most cases can be replaced or repaired at a reasonable cost.

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    I would sell the red one to me

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    And you could sell the other to me

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    Keep Them
    There always a way to Fix or repair them. I have many MSX 140's my First one I just rebuilt the engine with over 350 hours.
    Money is to hard to come by I would not spend 16K on more skis that you only ride 8-10 hours a year.

    Polaris for Ever!!

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    Thanks guys, basically thinking that way anyway. Actually, my first PWC's were a 1995 SL750 and a 1996 SLT780- so I cut my PWC teeth in some sweet sleds. For those thinking of upgrading like I did, there are four major things I noticed:
    1) Not messing with a choke is really awesome!
    2) WAY better seats: at 55, I have back disk problems- likely from riding old Rupp snowmoblies in fields with not enough snow on them for hours on end as a teen and in 20's. Laterr in life, those seats in my 780 were tough on the rough lake I ride on- especially weekends!
    3) Handling: just slide your butt over the edge of the seat and turn sharp and BOOM- you are carving. Although my wife misses her 750 without the fins in the back and she could literally do 360's all day long.
    4) Stablility: especially in the rough waters of the lake I ride in Eastern PA. Rips right through the chop.
    Heck,they can go just as fast (speedo showed 65today) as non-modded new ones-they just take longer to get there!
    Think I will keep 'em until they die!!

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