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    Looking for a honest answer RXTX V VXR 1800

    Would like to know how a box stock VXR 1.8 goes against a RXTX 260 as Im thinking going to a ski the is simple and reliable (I have a 2010 RXTX) also have a FXHO 1.8 that is just so bullet proof I never have to even think about it letting me down.
    Anyone put these two skis together? I would love to hear some feed back.

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    The supercharged skis will win the acceleration contest

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    ^^ Yep... the SC Skis will get the holeshot... although the VX does a good job of running them down on top...

    They are 2 different set ups IMO... The VX is more like riding the older Super Skis (GPR, ect.) it feels lighter and more nimble.. easier to Submarine, spin around & jump. The newer Doos have more of Cadillac feel to them and stay hooked up better in the chop.

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