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    Getting the cylinder on?!??!?!

    How in the He** do I get this cylinder back over the piston it is literally IMPOSSIBLE!

    Please any help?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carson View Post
    it is literally IMPOSSIBLE!
    No it's not. Each piston ring groove on the piston has a locating pin. Are you compressing the rings so that the opening in the rings are at that locating pin? If not, you'll never get the cylinder on.

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    Get a hose clamp that is wide enough to cover both rings. Align the rings properly (see post above) and use hose clamp to compress them, but not tight enough to clamp on piston....then put cylinder on over piston - hose clamp will push down as you lower the cylinder - you can then unscrew and remove

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    Look what happens when you search.

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