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    SHO Engine Longevity

    Hoping to join the PWC family in the next few weeks. Definitely set on a Yamaha. Waiting to see what the 2012 model lineup brings.

    My question is - how many hours can I reasonably expect to get out of the SHO engine?

    Any other advice to consider with my purchase would also be appreciated.

    Thanks & see you on the water.

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    Hundreds of hours no problem. I'm at 95 hrs without a hiccup with the mods in my sig and a ton of offshore riding.
    The only "issue" I ever had was my stock exhaust outlet tearing from wavejumping with my FF exhaust.

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    Search and you will find guys with hours in the 1,000's on their four-strokes, don't know about SHO's in particular.
    I have heard of rental VX's with over 3,000 hours on them.

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