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Thread: Rave Valves

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    Rave Valves

    Do these valves need replacing or can they be re-used?


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    They look good to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by svtnos View Post
    They look good to me
    i've run worse !
    if anything run them thru the wire brush on your grinder and clean them up a tad but they don't look like trouble to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 666666 View Post
    Can anyone PLZZZZZZzzz help me...i'm at wit's end !!
    I have a 97 spx 797...It keeps cooking rave valves. The blade itself gets so hot that it melts the "valve" ie. mushroom lookin screw on cap that sits down on the bellows. The spring tends to migrate beneath the whole works and the rest just melts. Even the spring gets so hot that it melts right in to the housing cover and adjuster screw. Ive replaced all this shit twice, and it's getting old. Could the exhaust be burning so hot that its overheating the valve ? But if so then why is it only the cap thats suffering and not the bellows. Now the dam exhaust valve blade on the forward jug has broken off at the stem....Yayyyyy !!! Happy times ((-:
    Post in the 2 stroke section... Might get a faster response...

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    I usually change them when the upper shaft is no longer able to adequately seal with the oring and the caps start melting.

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    Looks good to me

    Needs a bit more cleaning tho

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