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    Sold ski to exporter, what to do with title?

    I just sold my ski to a man who owns an exporting company and will be sending it to a family memeber in paraguay. I had him fill out a Notice of Sale and got a copy of his drivers license, he gave me cash for the ski (2005 Honda R-12x), I told him to transfer the title we would have to do it Monday (it is Saturday today) and he said it shouldnt really be an issue as its being exported. Any advice? Never sold a used vehicle to someone who wasnt a dealer before.

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    You got a copy of the notarized bill of sale then don't worry about it. Titling anything is the burden of the buyer. I buy stuff all the time and don't title it till I have to. As a matter of fact I sold a ski to a lady one time that I had just renewed the reg. stickers on. She called like 2 years later wanting me to get her a duplicate title because she had lost the one I gave her. I told her it was not my problem and there was no way I was going to spend any of my time doing that. I guess she decided to ride it till my reg sticker expired. Registering is once every 3 years in N.C. If I knew where she lived I might of went and took "my ski" back.

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