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    Stock VXS/VXR AFR

    I'm looking at putting the Powershot sold on this site on both my VXS'. I'm I correct in assuming that the engine is currently running an AFR of 10.5 (rich). It smells like it runs pretty rich. That would also explain how you can run regular gas in a 11:1 compression engine. Has anybody put just the powershot on their stock VXS/VXR. Do ya think the powershot's 12.5 AFR would get more power. I know it should get better GPH. Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Have I mentioned that this site rocks?

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    The Powershot can only add more fuel to the base oem settings it can NOT remove fuel from the base factory setting to make the engine leaner than stock oem settings. Tommy Jordan

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    OK, that being the case, does anyone know what the AFR is on my stock VXS. It smells fairly rich.

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