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    starting to get some rpms on my 300x

    i had done the washer mod and was @69.8/7820 rpms.this week i did the bov mod and and removed rear air hoses.took it out today with the gps with a solid 1/2 tank and nuetral trim air temp in the low 80s water about 79 degrees.i saw 8k for the first time and it would settle around 7950 best i got on the gps was 70.5 though.its pulling much harder and im loving this ski it has 15 hours now. the r&d fresh air kit is on its way and the r&d plate and scom are ordered.strange thing with this ski is its not faster when trimmed me it seems a little slow for the rpms it turning?.also my ski is not loosing any rpms after a certain time with the washer mod but ordered the scom anyway.

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    Yours is running like mine rpm an speed wise. I have had the same experience with the trim... all the way up = no real gain. I leave the trim neutral or 1 click up now for speed runs.

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    nice numbers bro please post some results with the R&D plate

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    i will it should be here at the end of the month.seems like my ski would really need to turn some hi rpms to get the speads some others are getting.the fresh air kit is gonna be here in a few days so ill see what it does just adding that next.

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