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    Cool 1050 idle too low?

    does anyone know how to adjust the idle speed on a 1050 engine??

    I have a 97 SL 1050 and 98 SLXH both stock no mods great runners 71+mph on the 97

    at idle they don't even stay running rpms below 500 I know they are supposed to be between 1250-1300

    is there a screw adjuster somewhere? not really sure....

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    Idle screw is at front end of the carburetor, can't really see it unless you use a mirror. It's a plastic thumb screw about 1/2 in dia. But seems like that's not your problem, do all three cylinder run? Sounds like there's just one running.

    71+ mph with no mods!!? mighty fast SL you're got there.

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